Katrina Kaif-Priyanka Chopra: The Same Same But Different

Transparent body-hugging dresses more attractive by the decorative details and features with sparkly sequins are the safest bet for any stylist decoding the looks for item songs. From Helen’s cabarets to Karisma Kapoor’s Sexy Sexy — these ‘item song essentials’ are the most explored reference points for Bollywood stylists of every era.
Katrina kaif and Priyanka Chopra Hot
Guess over the years our glorified or rather jaded film stylists revisit the done-to-death looks. A case in point being the looks and costumes worn by Priyanka Chopra and Katrina Kaif in their songs in Gunday and Dhoom 3. The sheer, champagne toned, sequinned and fringed numbers — look exact replicas of each other. Perhaps it’s just a case of coincidence or our stylists Anaita Shroff and Subarna Ray Chaudhuri got trapped in a rut while styling Katrina in Dhoom 3 and Priyanka in Gunday. Here’s hoping that the styling of our item songs pushes the envelope and moves beyond the sequin-meets-skin routine


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