4 Easiest Ways to Get Flat Abs

The first step in taking off that t-shirt and revealing your awesome abs is to get rid of that beer belly and those not so cute love handles. Once you’ve successfully shed that nasty fat, it’s time for the finishing touches and maintaining the ripped core. Here are four simple ways to get flat abs that will make you want to take off your t-shirt every now and then!
Kick Stress Out Of Your Life
Kick Stress
Take a deep breathe and relax. Studies show that when you are stressed, you release a hormone known as cortisol. High levels of cortisol cause the body to deposit fat around the midsection, making you look bloated. If you can manage to keep stress under control, you can not only be happier but also thinner. Make five-minute breaks a part of your routine to relax and breathe throughout the day and see your cortisol level fall.

Pick The Right Protein

While you realise that including protein is a must in building washboard abs, it is far more important to know what is the best form of protein for you. Red meat and milk proteins can cause you some belly bloat. Choose a protein that is rice, pea, or hemp-based, as they are easier on the digestive tract.

Make Coffee Serious Business

Instead of adding spoonfuls of sugar and dollops of cream to your morning cup of tea, spend some time and research on the different blends, types, and flavours of tea and coffee. Coffee is rich is in antioxidants and phenols that might give your metabolism a boost and kick-start your digestive system.Among the many benefits of tea, green tea has been shown to increase metabolism which in turn will help you loose the extra fat. And don’t stick to just one kind. Remember, variety brings benefits!

Your Hips Don’t Lie!

If your hips are tight, then you’re always in a position where your back is arched, creating slack in your abdominal wall. You need to loosen and open the hips, as that will help you change the position of the torso relative to the hips. That way, your posture will improve and so will your abs.
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