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Will Somebody Please Explain What This Stupid Song Is Supposed To Mean?

I have been marooned on an island of my own thoughts trying to decipher this puzzle. Every possible crack team of intelligence personnel ,RAW,CIA,FBI ,CBI and ACP Pradyuman’s CID have been pressed into solving this fundamental question : WHAT THE BLOODY HELL DOES ISHQ WALA LOVE MEAN? SOMEBODY TELL ME! I Have seen this song on TV from the film ‘Student of the Year’ and it has frazzled my mind ever since. I know that ISHQ :- In “English” means “Love” In “Arabic” means “عشق” ‎In “Persian” means “eshgh” In “Urdu” means “ishq” In “Dari” means “eshq” In “Pashto” means “eshq” In “Turkish” means “aşk” In “Azerbaijani means “eşq” I know that LOVE means LOVE I Also Know That “Sufi” is a suffix as in ‘SUFIANA’


EH?! WHAT THE HELL IS THAT EVEN SUPPOSED TO MEAN?WHAT IS A LOVE WALA LOVE? SOMEBODY TELL ME! I am asking the director of this film Mr.Karan Johar what the bloody hell is ISHQ aka Love being used for in a song title already having the word LOVE? I even saw a young person writing the name of this song as ISHQ WALA LUV.I have immediately directed all my Mind to attract the youth market by changing the spelling of LOVE to LUV. But I still fail to understand what Ishq meaning love means in Ishq wala love or love wala love.Just thinking about this gives my sexy head a headache! Grrrrr Does this mean that from now on we shall see songs like : MONKEY WALA BANDAR KUTTA WALA DOG AURAT WALA WOMAN BHOOT WALA GHOST “SOMEBODY” TELL ME WHY THE FIRST WORD AND THE LAST WORD MEANING THE SAME THING IN TWO DIFFERENT LANGUAGES ARE BEING USED TO MAKE NO BLOODY SENSE! If this is a film about students then I am very very shocked. I am worried about our education system.I plan to write a letter to our HRD Minister The Hon-Her-able KAPIL SIBAL and seek a proper explanation though I am sure Sibal will tell me that Ishq and Love both have zero loss.

ONE OTHER Question.In a song about LOVE in a film about Students WHY ARE THE PEOPLE DANCING IN FRONT OF A BURNING TREE? SOMEBODY TELL ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You people relax and please watch a movie which has songs which have meaningful titles. This is a film not called Angrez wala English and it is produced by an awesome- super- duper- mega- super- fantastic –mega- guy. It’s called ENGLISH VINGLISH.