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4 Easiest Ways to Get Flat Abs

The first step in taking off that t-shirt and revealing your awesome abs is to get rid of that beer belly and those not so cute love handles. Once you’ve successfully shed that nasty fat, it’s time for the finishing touches and maintaining the ripped core. Here are four simple ways to get flat abs that will make you want to take off your t-shirt every now and then!
Kick Stress Out Of Your Life
Kick Stress
Take a deep breathe and relax. Studies show that when you are stressed, you release a hormone known as cortisol. High levels of cortisol cause the body to deposit fat around the midsection, making you look bloated. If you can manage to keep stress under control, you can not only be happier but also thinner. Make five-minute breaks a part of your routine to relax and breathe throughout the day and see your cortisol level fall.

Pick The Right Protein

While you realise that including protein is a must in building washboard abs, it is far more important to know what is the best form of protein for you. Red meat and milk proteins can cause you some belly bloat. Choose a protein that is rice, pea, or hemp-based, as they are easier on the digestive tract.

Make Coffee Serious Business

Instead of adding spoonfuls of sugar and dollops of cream to your morning cup of tea, spend some time and research on the different blends, types, and flavours of tea and coffee. Coffee is rich is in antioxidants and phenols that might give your metabolism a boost and kick-start your digestive system.Among the many benefits of tea, green tea has been shown to increase metabolism which in turn will help you loose the extra fat. And don’t stick to just one kind. Remember, variety brings benefits!

Your Hips Don’t Lie!

If your hips are tight, then you’re always in a position where your back is arched, creating slack in your abdominal wall. You need to loosen and open the hips, as that will help you change the position of the torso relative to the hips. That way, your posture will improve and so will your abs.
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15 Cute Celeb Hairstyles

#1 Short and Sweet

We really love this style. It looks so easy to manage and it just flatters her face perfectly!

#2 Beautifully Curly

We are absolutely loving Selena Gomez’s hair here, very retro and very cute!

#3 Rhi-Rhi’s Got it Right

Rhianna got it with right with this short style! Not everyone can pull off a daring do like

this one, but she sure can!


#4 Very Sleek and Sophisticated!

Hayden Paniettiere’s cut is simply gorgeous! We love how it brings all the attention to her face!


#5 Tousled UpDo

Nicole Richie’s updo is so flattering to her face and we love how casual it is!


#6 Easy Chic
Drew Barrymore’s bob is chic, fun and completely manageable!


#7 Long and Wavy

Julia Robert’s hair is breathtaking – from the beautiful color to the soft waves,

we simply adore it!


#8 A sophisticated pony!

You can’t beat a simple and elegant ponytail. We love Renee Zellwegger’s!


#9 Tucked Away

This is such a cute style on Miranda, we really love how it looks so easy and yet so cute!


#10 Cute as a Pixie

Emma Watson is quite the stunner, so its no wonder she pulls off the pixie cut so well!


#11 Very Sleek Bob With Bangs

On some this look may be harsh, but Anna carries it off, coming off very sleek and very stylish.

The bangs just skim the tops of her eyebrows, focusing all of the attention on her face.


#12 Perfect Beachy Waves

You don’t have to have natural waves to rock this look! Try braiding your hair

wet or busting out the curling iron!


#13 Bob Bliss

Want a change but don’t want to go too short? Try a medium length bob!


#14 Braided Fun

Braids aren’t just for kids! Diana Agron looks stunning in this braided halo.

Perfect for the red carpet or every day.

#15 Very cute updo

This messy updo is the perfect blend of chic and fun. Lucy Lui get two thumbs up for this one!