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Indian Actors & Actresses … Real Height

Ask someone to help you measure your height. Then go and find the following:

for all you non believers here is how height is ment to be measured,

Ask someone to help you measure your height. Then go and find the following:

* a measuring tape (just make sure it’s one that measures centimetres if you want to calculate your BMI);
* a pencil that has been sharpened;
* a ruler or any other horizontal bar or rectangular block of wood or plastic that isn’t too thick.

Keep these items close by.
Amitabh Bachchan- 6″3 (original height-6″0)
Vinod Khanna- 6″0 (original height-5″10)
Shatrughan Sinha- 6″1 (original height-5″11)
Akshay Kumar- 6″0 (original height-5″9)
Jackie Shroff- 6″0 (original height-5″11.5)
Bobby Deol -6″0 (original height-5″8)
Sunil Shetty- 5″11.5 (original height-5″9.5)
Sunny Deol -5″11 (original height-5″7)
Anil Kapoor -5″11 (original height-5″9)
Akshaye Khanna- 5″9 (original height-5″6)
Salman Khan -5″8.5 (original height-5″5.5)
Saif Ali Khan -5″8 (original height-5″6)
Govinda -5″8 (original height-5″4)
Shahrukh Khan -5″8 (original height-5″6)
Rishi Kapoor- 5″7.5 (original height-5″6)
Amir Khan -5″6 (original height-5″5)

Sushmita Sen-5’9.5″ (original height-5″8)
Pooja Batra-5’9″ (original height-5″6.5)
Tabu-5’8″ (original height-5″4.5)
Sonali Bendre-5’8″ (original height-5″5)
Shilpa Shetty-5’8″ (original height-5″5.5)
Aishwarya Rai-5’7.5″ (original height-5″6)
Sridevi-5’7″ (original height-5″3)
Rekha-5’7″ (original height-5″4)
Raveena Tandon-5’7″ (original height-5″2)
Karishma Kapoor-5’6″ (original height-5″3)
Madhuri Dixit-5’5″ (original height-5″5)
Juhi Chawla-5’5″ (original height-5″1)
Kajol-5’5″ (original height-5″2)
Mamta Kulkarni-5’5″ (original height-5″0)
Urmila Matondkar-5’4″ (original height-5″1)
Twinkle Khanna-5’4 (original height-5″2)

Popular Indian Acting legend. He says, “I’m six feet,. They’ve got to look up to me”

Here is the picture of Hrithik standing along side John Abraham. If you use a ruler to draw a line from John’s eye level, you can see that John is actually taller by a good inch (possibly even more) than Hrithik. John is a model, and having studied the profession of modelling, they cannot bluff about there height. Actors however, have that option. Here is the link below. Copy it.

no way in hell is abhishek bachchan taller then big b. john looked taller and shorter in the movie than big b. in real life he is shorter by an inch here is the pic


Tom Cruise is 5ft 11 (Real Height 5ft 6.2) inches Tall

Tom Cruise Height Is It Real Or Fake ??

I was speaking to an American friend today. He tells me that he once got stuck with a Spanish actor in an Elevator…that’s funny I said, all call’s them lifts in Britain.

Anyway, I can exclusively reveal that Tom Cruise is 5ft 11 tall. I have tracked down the conclusive evidence, and we have it here at our disposal. No longer can the press call him diminutive or short. Study this image below. Tom’s more or less on the same plane as Ms Katrall, the line adjusts slightly for this fact. Consider that Kim is standing pretty tall, Cynthia has a slight hip sway going on, which loses her 1.5 inches and Mr Cruise is standing pretty straight himself. Now, if you check other sites you’ll see Cynthia listed as 5ft 11, Kim at 5ft 10 (this site downgrades them slightly, well ok, more than slightly 😉 ).

But lets entertain those heights. Remember, Cattrall at 5ft 10 already has an extra inch on Tom’s approximate 1.5 inch flat soled-shoes. This means that Tom is walking tall…he’s either being reading up on Kimi, has taken a course in spine and cartilage stretching exercises or may have changed his diet. Without doubt though, we cannot argue with this fact – he looks 5ft 11. There is no Lord of the Rings camera perspective shenanigans going on in that picture; he really is taller than 5ft 10.5 inch Nicole Kidman.

But, my memory needs jogged here – didn’t I already research Cruise and come to the conclusion based on seeing various photos of him beside 5ft 7.5 incher Spielberg that Tom was looking (give or take 1/4 inch) directly into Spielberg’s eyes, not ‘down at him’???

Well, it’s certainly amazing how much Tom has grown these last few years…I’d love to know what he’s being taken to make him grow so big! Or maybe, just maybe, Tom has always been 5ft 11 and its the Press who’ve had it in for him these last 20 years, and simply picked a height out of thin air and it’s stuck? Well Tom, if you ever read this, keep walking tall. You have CelebHeights to thank for putting those naysayers in their place. But, at this rate I fully expect you to hit the 6ft 2 mark by 2010 and the 6ft 6 mark by 2020!

Initially from the above picture I would assume, given Alex is in baseball trainers, similarly with Tom that Cabrera was around 6ft.

Well, the american baseball sites have him as 6ft . Doing a bit of digging, his official club statistics have Alex as 182cm or just about 6ft . This measurement is most likely based from his medical, properly measured with a stadiometer (a doctor’s device known to make grown men cry – even some women – when after being measured realise they’ve been overestimating their height for years and blame the equipment for being faulty, or don’t realise that height can decrease.)

…did Tom forget to wear Shoes (See this below image you understand.)